A network of land-based cryptocurrency exchanges, in cooperation with currency exchange offices.

TokenEX was founded by the Swiss company DeFiScale AG, and is run by the Polish branch based in Cracow.

TokenEX’s main aim is to develop a network of land-based cryptocurrency exchanges through a franchise model.

Partners collaborate with TokenEX on the basis of a transparent franchise system where TokenEX acts as a brand, technology and liquidity provider.

In order to guarantee the highest quality of service with our partners, we work only with established and trusted exchange offices. These are regulated financial institutions with expertise in anti-money laundering regulations. This ensures that all legal requirements for safe currency exchange are met.

Our values

Security and reliability

We ensure the safety of transactions by cooperating only with trustworthy exchange offices with years of experience.

Compliance with regulations

We are a regulated business as TokenEX is enlisted within the register of virtual currency activities of the Polish Minister of Finance.

Comprehensive support

Due to our cooperation with specialists in the field of tax and financial law, we are equipped to actively support our partners in the purchasing, settlement and accounting of virtual currencies.