As of 2019 in Poland, cryptocurrency gains must be recorded as capital gains on one’s personal income tax declaration. Some of the most important details for submitting cryptocurrency tax returns in Poland are listed below. CRYPTOCURRENCY AND PIT Possession of cryptocurrencies must … Read more
As TokenEX takes on new challenges, it is always brilliant to share experiences with other industry professionals. The II Swiss-Polish Blockchain Symposium in Warsaw was one of those occasions. Run by the Swiss Polish Blockchain Association, the event was filled with some … Read more
What makes TokenEX stand out from its peers and more Clients with a vision to diversify and transform their businesses pick TokenEX. Here are some reasons why: 1. Regulated business TokenEX is a regulated business under Swiss and Polish law  2. Safety … Read more
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Among other great names in the industry, TokenEX will be attending the Swiss-Polish Blockchain Symposium as a gold sponsor. Swiss-Polish Blockchain Symposium in Warsaw is an event focusing on blockchain, crypto, regulations, and much more. It will be held on 08 IX … Read more
Prior to 2022, EU cryptocurrency regulation differed within individual member states. After a comprehensive negotiation process, the European Parliament and the Council has agreed to bring crypto-related business under the regulatory framework of the ‘ Markets in Crypto-Assets’ (MiCA) proposal.  This is … Read more
How crypto is transforming the remittance industry
The remittance market was worth roughly USD 701 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow to USD 1,227.22 billion by 2030, with a CAGR of 5.7 percent from 2021 to 2030. In the face of currency depreciation, many people in emerging … Read more
Tokenex silver sponsor Crypto Valley Conference
Swiss Crypto Valley association emerged to support start-ups and enterprises, and to build the world’s leading blockchain and cryptographic technologies ecosystem. Organised by the association, the conference is managed in conjunction with the Lucerne University, its attendees are coming from all over … Read more
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