Virtual currency / Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that uses cryptographic technology to carry out secure transactions. These are digital asset units on blockchains that are not legal tender but have payment functions and may have many other functions as well. That includes coins and tokens, which can also perform additional functions, such as functional features for specific products (e.g. give access to special promotions, bonuses etc.)


In other words a chain of blocks, figuring out this primary technology is essential in order to understand digital currencies. It is a list of scattered transactions, made out of a series of blocks or units of digital information, stored sequentially in a publicly accessible database.

Partner exchange office / partner / franchise

Partner exchange office, which offers its clients digital currencies under the brand TokenEX, cooperating with TokenEX on the basis of a franchise contract.


It is a place where users can transfer, save, and receive their cryptocurrency.

Smart contract

A smart contract is an auto-executing contract in which the terms of the contract between a buyer and a seller are written in a line of code. Smart contracts cannot be deleted. Each digital currency is a type of smart contract.

Transaction ID

A unique transaction ID is assigned to each TokenEX transaction, it allows users to check and sell their assets. This ID number is saved in the TokenEX database, is available to exchange office staff and used to identify a particular transaction.

PIN code

A unique PIN code is assigned by the user to each TokenEX transaction, which allows them to check their funds, buy or sell cryptocurrency. ATTENTION! Once lost or stolen, the PIN code cannot be reset, or recovered. Therefore, it is crucial to keep the PIN code safely and do not share this information with anyone.

Gas Fee

This fee is paid for confirming and completing a transaction on the blockchain. It is a fee paid to other users who confirm transactions.

General information

TokenEX, a project established by the Swiss company DeFiScale AG, is a network of in-person digital currency exchange offices. TokenEX introduces digital currencies to everyday life, making their purchase more accessible, in simple transactions in exchange offices. TokenEX cooperates directly with exchange offices in a B2B format, providing brand, liquidity and technology, while exchange offices cooperate with their clients by offering them sale or purchase of digital currencies in cash transactions or by transfer.

The headquarters of DeFiScale AG is located in Urnäsch, Switzerland. The Polish branch is located at Centralna 44, Cracow.

The most popular cryptocurrencies such as BTC, XRP, USDT, USDC, ETH and others are available. With high-volume, on-demand special orders we can provide digital currencies not included in our basic offer. For that option please contact us via the contact form or via our partner exchange offices.

Upon purchasing digital currency in a partner exchange office, the exchange office staff confirms the transaction in the TokenEX application, and the funds are automatically assigned to the buyer's transaction ID. The transactions can be checked by visiting the TokenEX website (using the assigned transaction ID and PIN code). While selling digital currencies at the exchange office, an employee ensures payment of funds immediately after concluding the transaction.

For individuals

You do not need to register. In the TokenEX partner exchange office, just like in any other, the transactions are quick, direct and do not require an account. Each purchase / sale receives a unique PIN and transaction ID, thanks to which the buyer can track the status of the transactions and check their funds.

Please find an updated map of all available TokenEX franchises on

Purchase and sell transactions within the TokenEX services do not have any added fees. However, each partner exchange office will add its own additional commision, which will result in different exchange rates than those seen at external sources (exchanges, trackers).

Additional fees that may occur are external wallet withdrawals, so-called gas fees, the rates of which are independent from the TokenEX exchange office.

While selling or buying digital currency in a Polish partner exchange office for the amount of EUR 1,000 or more, regardless of the form of payment, as well as in a business transaction, the exchange office staff will be required to carry out the identification and verification of the customers. For more information, please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the exchange office of your choice.

To buy digital currency follow the steps below:
- The client should go to one of the TokenEX partner exchange offices in person
- On the device available in the exchange office, the customer must provide the details of the transaction, including: the FIAT currency in which the customer wants to pay, the amount that the customer wants to spend on the purchase, and the digital currency they want to buy
- After putting in all the data, the TokenEX system will convert the number of target digital currency units that the customer will receive for the amount indicated in the FIAT currency
- Using the device, the customer sets an individual PIN code for this exact transaction, which will allow them to check the balance in the TokenEX system. It will also be required in case of sale, it must be remembered or written down and kept in a safe place
- After payment, the employee assigns digital currencies to the customer under the generated transaction ID number.
- Using the created PIN code and assigned transaction ID, the customer can check the balance of funds using the TokenEX web app.

There are two ways to sell digital currency at TokenEX - depending if tokens were purchased via TokenEX and are stored in the TokeEX system, or not.

To sell digital currency stored at TokeEX wallet:
- Visit any TokenEX exchange office in person
- Set the transaction details on the device (provide the transaction ID and PIN assigned to the transaction of purchase of your coins)
- After the staff member confirms the transaction, the client will be provided with the payment (either in cash, or via bank transfer if preferred)

To sell digital currency stored at external wallet:
- To sell the cryptocurrency from an external wallet, first they need to be entered into the TokenEX system.
- To do so, on the TokenEX website, go in to the ‘transactions’ tab, click ‘deposit funds’ and choose the cryptocurrency to deposit
- The client chooses the amount and provides the wallet address from which the funds will be deposited
- During the payment transaction, a transaction ID number is generated, and the customer sets a PIN code and chooses an exchange office to sell there
- The customer should come into previously chosen TokenEX partner exchange office
- Enter the transaction ID and PIN on the device available in the store
- After the staff member confirms the transaction, the client will be provided with the payment (either in cash, or via bank transfer if preferred)

Yes. Using the web app, you can withdraw funds purchased at TokenEX to an external wallet, do remember that such operation will involve a gas fee*.

Find out how to make a withdrawal here

*See GLOSSARY - gas fees.

Yes, you can. A necessary condition for such an operation is having your own external wallet. In this situation, the customer contacts the exchange office, undergoes the KYC and signs a sales agreement. Cryptocurrencies will be sent by the exchange office directly to the customer’s wallet, after accounting it through payment.

The initial minimum transaction value is the equivalent of 100 PLN, the amount can differ according to the internal policy of the partner exchange offices and its other locations. The maximum transaction amount always depends on the regulations of the partner exchange office.

At the time of purchase, the customer creates a unique PIN and receives a transaction ID, using which they can immediately check the status of the transaction and balance in the web app.

Since the moment of purchase, your digital currency is stored in the TokenEX system and assigned to a unique transaction ID, which was generated during the purchase in the exchange office. You can check them by going to the TokenEX web app, and logging in using a transaction ID and PIN code, which you set for that transaction. You can withdraw the funds to an external wallet at any time.

The transaction ID and PIN are the only way to identify a transaction in the TokenEX system. They should be stored safely, and the PIN code should never be shared with anyone. In case of loss, there is no possibility to access the funds and no possibility of their recovery.

Individual customers will receive extended assistance in the exchange office where they made transactions.

All other issues not mentioned in the above FAQ are subject to individual terms of the selected exchange office and governed independently by each franchise. For detailed information, please contact the selected franchise.

TokenEX’s application was developed from the ground up to make crypto buying and selling transactions at exchange offices as easy and friendly as possible. You can use it to buy and sell cryptocurrencies stored in the TokenEX system.

To see how the transaction flow looks like, visit the ‘How does it work’ subpage.

To open the TokenEX web app click on the ‘My Transactions’ button on the top right corner of the page. By following steps within the subpage ‘How does it work’, you can check your transaction, withdraw funds from the TokenEX system to an external wallet or deposit funds from an external wallet to the TokenEX system for future sale.

For business

Yes. Business entities can use digital currencies in everyday activities. It is legal to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, and to use them to make payments with the consent of both parties, as well as investment. However, some crypto related activities cannot be freely undertaken. An example is the distribution of security tokens, those which resemble securities, e.g. company shares. This type of tokens cannot be publicly offered for sale in Poland, because it is a circumvention of the applicable regulations.

An entry on the register for virtual currency activities is required for businesses conducting activities in the scope of exchanging digital currencies, trading digital currencies or intermediating in such trading, to put it in simplified terms - when running a stock market or a cryptocurrency exchange office. If the party does not conduct activities in the above-mentioned scope, and only uses cryptocurrencies as means of payment or an investment object, they do not need an entry in the register.

All queries from business clients (both regarding support as well as cooperation) should be directed via the contact form.

TokenEX cooperates with companies that would like to introduce cryptocurrencies to everyday life. There are many reasons why companies are using cryptocurrencies more often:
- Acceleration of business processes and payments
- Willingness to enrich their investment portfolio
- Reducing the costs of transfers and independence from financial institutions
- Expanding the group of clients to include those, who would be willing to pay for services or receive payment in cryptocurrencies

For the purpose of buying or selling digital currencies, such companies use the services of TokenEX. We individually recognise the needs of each client, prepare a personalized offer, and then direct them to the selected partner exchange office.
Additionally, using the knowledge and experience of the experts working for us, TokenEX provides substantive support regarding the legal and tax aspects of using digital currency in business.
Our exchange offices provide sales documentation and contracts necessary for accounting purposes. Payment can be made by bank transfers or cash, we do not require online registration, and the verification of the documents is made on the spot by the exchange office employee.

Companies interested in cooperation should contact us via the contact form on the website, including the basic data of their company, the chosen cryptocurrency and the expected amount. After the initial verification, an offer will be prepared, if it is accepted, the business client will be redirected to the best suited partner exchange office.

Cooperation with TokenEX starts with learning about the needs and possibilities of the customer. Based on the location of the company, a TokenEX representative will assign the exchange office, where the business client can buy or sell cryptocurrencies. The direct parties of the transaction are the company and the exchange office, all documents are issued by the exchange office.

TokenEX cooperates with experts in the field of tax law and accounting, thanks to which we have knowledge in above-mentioned areas, but does not provide advisory services. We provide our business clients with substantive support, provide templates of necessary documentation, and on request, we can connect them with experts and advisers.