Why Companies Choose TokenEX

What makes TokenEX stand out from its peers and more

Clients with a vision to diversify and transform their businesses pick TokenEX. Here are some reasons why:

1. Regulated business
TokenEX is a regulated business under Swiss and Polish law 

2. Safety
As TokenEX is regulated, we are compliant with all applicable cryptocurrency laws, meaning businesses feel safe working with us

3. Individual Approach
Our clients can receive personalised offers tailored to match their needs with substantive support throughout the cooperation process

4. Regulated Partnerships
TokenEX exclusively partners with regulated financial institutions in the jurisdictions they operate in.
Our regulated partners such as exchange office offer clients all the necessary sales agreements and proof
of transactions required for accounting purposes

5. Trust and Efficiency
TokenEX’s partner exchange offices are trusted by clients as they are already familiar with the AML and KYC regulations they need for efficient operations 

6. Legal and taxation assistance
TokenEX is more than just a liquidity provider to its clients. Working with specialists in tax and financial law,
we are prepared to actively support our partners in the purchase, accounting and other processes of virtual currencies

Because of TokenEX’s versatile approach, our business clients are able to diversify their investment portfolio, serve new clients, make efficient transfers and rest assured that they are in safe hands.